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Anyone knows how to make a pair of Frenzel goggles, used to diagnose vestibular disorders? Answered


Well, I'd make them with a couple of frame mounted webcams.

You might need to mess with the lenses to get the image size you need, but you can buy comprehensive selections of webcam lenses for not very much.

I'd suggest replacing the light sources in the webcams with IR leds, probably reducing the current to get the minimum amount of light to image the eye.


I don't know how to make them, but the web says they use "+20" lenses. That's a 5 cm focal length, though the focal length is unlikely to be critical. Perhaps a set of welding goggles with the lenses replaced with 5 cm f.l. lenses, and a few white LEDs mounted inside the goggles for illumination?

For a video arrangement, video microscopes are readily available for under $100.  Mount one on a pair of goggles and use some sort of quick-mount so that it can be moved to the other eye.

Hope this helps!