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Anyone made a towel warmer? Answered

 We'd really like one, but they are quite expensive. We're wanting one that plugs in so we can use it at home or in the RV. It seems regulating the temp is the main issue and there can't be much more than some kind of thermostat and wires run through a pipe.?


i found an article where someone used rolled sheet heaters for reptile cages.

Here is the link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/jonbondy.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/diy-heated-dual-towel-rack/amp/?client=safari

what a great tip! thank you so much. I went right to the website and started scheming.


We'll some suggestions here about using copper tubing is fine. Mounting it to the wall, you will need to insulate the copper pipe from the wall. I would use some type of ceramic, tiles possible, or coasters for their round shape. As far as the heating source, You could put halogen lamps in there, with High Temperature Wire. Take a 10 dollar shop/work light and use the parts inside. Or Install an Infrared Heat lamp in the ceiling above it to warm the copper, much safer option.

Heres an ex: Check out Nutone too



Get a plug-in "oil-filled radiator" heater, drape towel over that?

Do NOT Do That~

I am a licensed electrician,

our bathroom is very small.. the kind you can almost soak feet and wash hands while seated, lol. No room for anything on the floor and very little space for towel rack.

SAFETY ISSUES-ok here's what I'm thinking- small copper tubing threaded with heat cable plugged into an outlet with a spring wound timer. i haven't found a double outlet that has the plug in side and the tiumer side but i am still looking. i did find a powerstrip with programmable timer so i may go with that. if it get an outlet that is rated for enough watts/amps/volts, what other safety issues are there? It will be about 4" away from the wall and fastened at top and bottom to the wall.


7 years ago

I've never made one but the towel warmers i have seen in hotel rooms was nothing more than a shelf with a restaurant style warming light above it. Pretty simple design.

That sounds entirely reasonable, assuming you can get power to it safely.

I can't say I'm familiar with these, but from a quick search they just look like a normal rack made out of metal pipes. I assume that the heating elelements are inside.

One possible route to making your own would be to use heat tape. This is the stuff that you wrap on the outside of pipes to keep them from freezing. If you built a rack structure out of pipe, you could thread the heat tape through the pipes. This stuff is just a resistance wire that gets warm when current passes through it. It is intended to operate from 120 VAC house power.

As for regulating the temp, you could just use a light dimmer controll, appropriately rated for the amount of power consumed by the heat tape. You would have to manually determine the best setting and leave it at that. Otherwise you will need some kind of themostat with the sensor on or in the rack.

I'd be a little wary in general about making any kind of homemade heating aparatus, due to concerns about a fire hazard. If you make one I would thoroughly test it first until you are confident it is safe.

This sounds doable, and yes, i am concerned about the overheating part. I wish those blasted things weren't so expensive! I read reviews on some of the cheaper ones and they either didn't work, or you had to leave the towels on it for a few hours.