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Anyone recognize this emblem? Answered

I found this metal plate and I've searched everywhere and can't find it.



Well Thanks again for your help but the "incapable" comment was surely un-called for.

Incapable wasn't meant to be directed at you; sorry. Scan through the Questions here some time, and count how many could have been answered by typing the very question itself into Google. Those are the incapable ones.

Insufficient data. What did it come from? A uniform? A vehicle? Is there anything on the back of it? TinEye didn't come up with any matches.

I also tried TinEye.
I don't know what it came from. I have a box of emblems from my stepfather that contains things from Coolerator, Buick, Pontiac.so it could be from anything, from a fridge to a car.

And that was the necessary clue! Narrowing your search helps. I started with "insignia red shield" on Google Images, which was too broad, then I added "commercial", which didn't help much. After this post, I replaced "commerial" with "car", and the second page had the hit you needed.

Well, yes (and thank you :-), but they really aren't special. I use pretty much the same techniques I learned in high school to research reports (back in the days of actual 3x5 inch paper card catalogs, the Periodicals Index, and Citation Abstracts). Start broad, look at what words show up frequently, and narrow down.

Google makes the process extremely easy, with immediate positive feedback. The fact that people seem to be incapable is just sad, really.

. And it just keeps getting sadder. All you have to do is get close with Google nowadays. You don't even have to know how to spell - "Did you mean:...?" The current Google is so good it's spooky.
> immediate positive feedback
. LOL It wasn't too very long ago that one would send an e-mail to a site's search engine and wait for at least a few minutes (up to a few days) for a response. eg, the file archive at ftp.wustl.edu Those were the days my friend, ...   :)

Just found it,
Google searched for
"emblem red shield deer cross diagonal stripe"
Thanks for all the help!!