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Anyone still playing Pokemon Go? Answered

Does anyone actually still play Pokemon Go? I got into it last summer when the craze was sweeping the world. I rather enjoyed  it as it added a little extra purpose and fun to my evening walks and trips to the park, but it became frustrating after Niantic ruined it with one bad app update after another.

I understand that they did eventually fix a lot of the problems, but I'm just wondering if anyone who fell out of love with the game managed to get back into it.

I recently made a new 'working' Pokeball Instructable and writing the I'ble got me thinking about Pokemon Go.


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liquidhandwash (author)2017-05-10

nope, we are all playing with fidgets

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Ah yes the fidget spinner craze, whatever next!

When are Yo-Yos going to make a comeback?

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Yonatan24 (author)liquidhandwash2017-05-10

I've been wondering what has happened to the chinese bearing industry since they've become popular... Four bearings in each spinner, times I don't know many tens of millions that have been sold.

Too bad I'm the only one that uses a "made in England" bearing that doesn't make a really annoying sound, and was salvaged from a... (upcoming I'ble, if I ever get to it ;)

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