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Anyone who know how to build a nes controller adapter for the nintendo wii?? Answered

Well that's my question. I don't want to destroy my NES controller while building it so an adapter that you can putt into the usb port or the NGC port whold be awesome.




One word:


There is a way to make one. In fact, you can make it wireless as well! It works with the wii virtual console games as well as some gamecube games if I remember correctly.

Here is the link:


Good Luck! Hope this helps! :)

No such device exists, and I doubt that anything like that will ever be made. First of all, no game would be able to support it. The Wii only knows how to talk to wii controllers. Some games like Rock Band know how to talk to more controllers. But if no one makes a game to support this hack, there wouldn't really be a point, would there? Besides, you can turn a Wii remote sideways to use it like a classic NES pad. No one is going to make a device that adds a wire to the mix when there's already a wireless solution provided.