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Apple iPad - comments and opinions? Answered

OK, you've all seen it now.

What do you think?

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Not a fan. And agree with defectivebydesign on their poster.

What do YOU think kiteman?

I don't have an iAnything, PC all the way at the moment, but I had a play with an iTouch and thought... oh!

Then I saw this, and thought... hmmm?

But, my main use would be the internet, interactively.  I type a lot (I'd have to buy a plug-in keyboard).  I upload photos (I'd have to start up my PC anyway).

I'm thinking, my ideal gadget on this scale would be a melange of three products:
  • Folding, to protect the screen, with a keyboard like a laptop.
  • Touch screen, like the iPad, with the same sort of control.
  • ePaper, like a book reader, to save batteries and ease the eyes.
So, unless the iPad is amazingly cheap, I doubt I will get one myself.

However, it is the sort of gadget I can see being short-sightedly pushed on teachers in the future, like interactive whiteboards and setting work via school websites.

iPod touch, not iTouch..personal pet peeve. and i think the iPad and iPod are going to be a but too close and confused consumers.. 

Strange - the signs and tags in the Apple shop all said iTouch ...

huh..really? maybe its an England vs American thing..hrm

Games and apps for iPod touch

iPod touch 3.1 Software Update

and even http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/

 At first it was iPod touch, but so many people used iTouch due to its simplicity that Apple used it too.

Really? because nowhere ive looked have i seen iTouch, only people saying iTouch this, that etc.   nowhere do i see Apple calling it iTouch, or maybe im just not looking at the right places

and it seems that im not the only one who hates iTouch

Apple store employees all call it itouch when im trolling them.

Kinda like my personal pet peeve about the proper use of effect and affect... however, I still have not masterred it myself.

Ha, yea effect/affect gets me all the time.

They have kind of what you want out. It is a notebook with a touchscreen which can be turned to make it into a sort of ipad like notebook or a noteboook with a keyboard. I dont know how expensive it is or how good it is i just saw a ubuntu demo on it.

Sounds to me like you need something on the order of this: www.google.com/imgres - if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's touchscreen, folds down flat but also closes the way you'd expect. No ePaper, I don't think, but of course you could adjust the brightness and resolution to be more eye-friendly.

And what's wrong with interactive whiteboards and online homework assignments? I've used both and they worked fine...

Whiteboards - one power glitch, and all teaching stops in the whole school.

Online work - two problems- you can't tell who did the work, and what happens to the kids whose families are not online because they can't afford it?

A primary school I attended some time ago used them, and unless we were doing a power point based presentation there was no need for them.

Oh! You mean something different than I mean with the whiteboards then.

Haha - if it's set up right you can tell who did the work. If you mean you can't verify the child did it, that's no different than paper where you can't tell if someone else did the paper for him and he just copied...

I didn't think of you living in a poor area though - that's pretty much a dealbreaker, huh...

My school's catchment is one of the few in the country with all streets classed as "deprived", but there's no guarantee that any class in any school will have all the kids online at home.

Ohhhhh....... drool
If that's as good as it looks....

Ha, it's not even out yet, never mind affordable...

IOU? Rain check? Borrow a friend's? There's a way out of everything, my friend.

 It is supposed to be $499 for one without 3G (or whatever your iPhones use) and $850 for one with 3G.

Should translate to 450 Euros and 800 Euros. Which I do know is more expensive than the one in America.

so basically you want something like this (much smarter in my opinion)

it's basically just a giant itouch....they spent all that money trying to make the mp3 player smaller and smaller, and then they went and made it huge...just another apple gimmick (which basically all of their products are)

WOW I watched a video on the Ipad, wow wow wow, Technology is getting exuberant everyday, this is awesome, Thanks Apple thanks, I am going to save some cents for it

 I think it is about where the iPhone is when that was release. Give it time, the apps that are modified or written for the iPad will make or break it.

Personally, its going to make a killer commuters computer, and that is what its selling me on so far!

At the end of the day, if apple had managed to sqeeze every feature that we wanted into it it would have ended up being like the macbook air, great, but way overpriced. 

I think apple were aiming for a lower price point, hence less features, I just hope that that price low price point translates over to the uk.

(regarding the picture, I understand them all, but there is loads of free software on the app store.. once can find a free version of about anything, if you want something that does it better, you pay.)

There are netbooks with more power that fold smaller and are cheaper.

There are a ton ton more free apps for android because 1) you do not have to pay to develop for it 2) you do not need to go through apples beuacracy to develop an app.

If iPad sales turn out to be similar to the iPhone it will probably drop in price after a few months. Or just wait until the 2^nd version comes out, the first one drops in price, then buy the first one.

 agree! Also Mac Life lists and recommends a bunch of free/share/donation ware

 I'm waiting for version 2, and it NEEDS A REAL KEYBOARD!!

Oh so what your saying is you want a laptop with a terrible operating system for a laptop? (or anything)

It has one that attaches into the docking port.

He means a built in one.

You can now also download and read books on iPad from Amazon Kindle store (in addition to Apple iBooks ). When you buy iPad you just need to download and install the Kindle app and then you will be able to download and read books from both online stores: Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle store.
The iBooks store currently has about 30,000 free books and about 60,000 books from most major publishers. Every book in the store allows you to download a free sample (sometimes more than 50 pages long) Price of books is between $9.99 and $14.99.
Kindle store, of course, offers a far larger selection of books than iBooks with more than 620,000 paid and free books including the latest best sellers and new releases. Books at Kindle store are less expensive and their price is typically less than $9.99. The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, providing users the ability to read Kindle books using this easy-to-use interface.

I would like to point out that ANY android tablet on ANY wireless service provider can use Amazon book store as well as many other bookstores. Aldiko is one, i belive o'reily media has its own bookstore app.

Droid os>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ipad/ipod IOs.

I am prepared to defend this opinion, fire away with arguements/comments/questions.

The Ipad rocks out !!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a great entertainment system, there's a bunch of good games, it's cheaper then a laptop but has the same basic needs (photos, E-mail, internet, calculator, calendar, address book, righting, facebooking, ect) in a nice sized screen, the keyboard is a bit small, but you easely get used to it (easier then the Iphone).

It's the same price, or more expensive, than laptops with many times the memory capacity, a real keyboard, and an actual way of getting photos off your memory card and into the device. Laptops are tougher, easier to fix, do more, and are not locked to a propriety software that can be switched on and off remotely, at random, by the people who you think you bought it off, but actually you only leased it from them.

Tell em kiteman. I was about to say all that, but i can see it has been done.

> bumpity bump bump bump <

But those laptops don't have the awesomely cool logo of awesomeness, for which any superficial idiot intelligent consumer should be willing to pay a hefty premium. Plus, didn't you know that every iPad has been individually blessed with slightly yellow "holy water" from the Glorious Jobs Himself?


8 years ago

All I've done is play with one at the store. When i came to get a iPod Touch for my mom, the 2 or so tables were open. When we came back to get some iTunes money, I couldn't see one. Anyways, all it is is a large iPod touch, with... I don't what it has over the iPod touch except 3G on the more expensive models.

I think that the iWhateveryouwanttocallit is just a big iPod Touch and it has no other funtionality.

That aside, I love the picture.

 As many have pointed out, the iPad is mostly a big ipod Touch.  That would make my ipod Touch a really small iPad...right?  Here is my rebranding of my Touch to an iPad nano.

I wanna make one!

 It's kinda cool, buuuuuuuuuuut, it's just an oversized iPod touch. The iSlate would have been a much better name for it too...