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Applied Photovoltaics Research Proposal Topics Answered

Hello Everyone

Hope that you all  are fine.

Could any recommend any proposal topics (that are promising and require research) in the field of Applied Photovoltaics, as I need to submit a proposal in order to compete for funding offered by a major funding body in this field.

I would be really thankful to you for that.

Kind Regards

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oldmanbeefjerky (author)2013-09-30

if your asking here, you obviously dont know enough on the topic to be worth being considered. Try searching up on wikipedia all the different uses, then think, what everyday subject can i utilize this in, such as solar panels in calculators, or engines in cars.

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I have chosen "Optimized implementation of a hybrid renewable energy system for stand-alone/grid tied applications" as the topic for my research proposal.... How does that sound.......

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