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Approval for Furniture Contest...delayed? Answered

I submitted my instructable "Folding Bed Bench (Hidden Cot)" last week but it is still "Pending Approval". But it seems as though its still pending approval, what I can't tell is if the fact that it was submitted Thursday/Friday if it still requires the business days to be accepted or not. The reason I am concerned is the fact that the contest closes today and I don't know if I need to modify my instructable to comply with contest rules or if it just simply hasn't been reviewed yet. 
I've noticed that not very many entries have been added to the contest in the last few days. So maybe it's a delay in approval process?



Reply 5 years ago

Okay. I wasn't sure how the process worked. Because how would I find out if it's not elegible? Just wait to see if it's posted...?

You get another email, saying "accepted" or "rejected".

Hi, it took about 5 days for mine to get accepted. You will get an other mail telling you that your entry was accepted.

Hi BrittLiv,
Thanks that makes me feel a little better. I was mostly afraid I used the incorrect presentation format. I'm absolutely certain a bed will be elegible for Furniture contest.

Normally the folks that approve the contest entries don't check over the weekend, so there will be tons of entries getting approved today! I'm taking a look at the pending entries now.

If you enter late Friday, sometimes it'll take until Monday morning for it to be seen. :)

Is there any way to volunteer entries in the future or is this a job-specific chore? I would imagine that approving entries would remove one self from the contest.

Job specific - Instructables eyes only! All the top secret stuff is hanging around back there. ;)

As long as you've had the "entry received" email, if your entry is eligible, you'll be fine.