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Aquarium TV Answered

I'm looking for an Instructable on how to turn an antique console television set into a fresh- or saltwater aquarium. Anyone know where I can find such a thing? TIA!



8 years ago

Check out some of the instructables on how to convert a classic mac or an old computer monitor into an aquarium.  The concept is the same, the sheets of plastic are larger.

I don;t know of any Instructables, but you just need to remove all of the TV guts and find an aquarium that fits inside the cabinet. Get one that's large enough to cover the entire hole where the picture tube was and place it right up against the opening. Using a proper aquarium will be much easier, less prone to leaks, and safer for the fish than trying to custom-build one out of glass or plexi. If you absolutely must have a custom tank, hire a professional to build it for you.
You will need to reinforce the bottom of the TV cabinet to strengthen it and so that the aquarium sits at the correct height. You may also need to add a piano hinge to the top so you can open it up to feed the fish and clean the tank.