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Arduino Answered

I saw certain Arduino Tank projects like the A.A.T. in particular... I saw a maker using an SN754410NE Motor Driver, which got me confused. Im a beginner Arduino user, so i dont know very much about it, but I am wondering why did he use the SN754410NE Motor Driver  and not a motor shield?



Simple explanation is he built his own circuit using the chip for an H-Bridge controller for the specific electric motors he was using. A motor shield is a product you can buy off the shelf which has those controller circuits built in. More powerful motors, AC or DC, servos or digital controlled motors all require a specific method which the circuit is used. Look up on arduino.cc or adafruit.com for the arduino-motor tutorials.

so does that mean that I could use a Motor Shield instead of the motor driver used in the example?

Yes, follow the instructions or look up the sample code to use in your sketch to control the motors that you hook up to the motor shield board.