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Arduino Chat Server In a Browser. Answered


 Can Anybody Tell Me How To Make A Chat Server Using My Arduino Uno, And My Arduino Ethernet.
 It needs To Be Accessible From a Browser Like Chrome On Android, And IOS.
 Basically I Need My Arduino To Setup A Website Server That has 2 text Boxes, 1 for The Input, and The Other One To Display The Chat  That Has Been Sent By You And Other People That Have Sent Stuff To The Server.
 The Server Also Needs To Be Accessible By around 5 to 10 People At The Same Time.
 And If Possible Could You Make It Look Like The Example In The Picture.

 A Quick Response Is Appreciated
Thank You

                  -Genius 470


did you find a solution? I would also like to use my arduino as chat server that could be accessed from a browser. Pls share if you found out how

No problem, as all is already explained here.

Sorry, Could You Say The Link Again. The Link Here Doesent Seem To Work. Thank You

There is no need to capitalise every word: it makes your postings hard to read.