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Arduino DIY clone, single sided, shield compatible EAGLE files (Besides Minimalduino and Severino v3) ? Answered


From the title of my question, do I ask a lot? I have made Severinos and Minimalduinos. Severino has too many components to be really minimal, and the Minimalduino 107 has difficult PCB (The one with the curving-lines PCB). Ideally I looked for something exactly like Diavolino in Eagle form, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.


Did you ask the Diavolino people if they would give you their files?

They use Geda I think there, and they do post the files and schematic.

Really, should be easy to do, except for the shield compatible bit. There aren't too many wires.

Indeed, I found a picture showing the connections, as if the artwork is peeled, according to Evil mad science. But, it is double sided and I don't know enough from Eagle to make it into single sided...

I suppose we could always let google to the work ;)

"single sided arduino pcb"


This one is also good looking: http://hackaday.com/2012/10/09/single-sided-arduino-is-a-great-introduction-to-pcb-etching/

Friend quatch, thanks for the answers.

The http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3 link is the Severino V3 I mentioned above, I already made these.

Nanino (following the Hackaday link) is more like it and unknown to me , but there aren't Eagle files and even the bill of materials is given as an answer below at the page where one other guy also asks for them to add an ICSP connector.

Hrm, well, ICSP looks fairly easy to add if you don't mind making it bigger :P You don't have to move the shield connectors, but if you enlarged the space between the bottom left header and the bottom trace you could put the connector there. It needs access to ATMEGA328 pins 17,18,19, 1, VCC, and GND.

The trace to pin 1 would need to be thinner to fit between the AT pins, or you could use a jumper.

You could just cut up the artwork in an image program to make that alteration.

aand, I was looking at it upsidedown. pin one is the leftmost. Should still work.

I thank you quatch for trying to help me.
As it is, there are not Eagle files for Nanino. I could try to recreate it in Eagle of course, but I have tried before to cut Minimalduino to size, more like Diavolino. Being a beginner with Eagle, it is difficult for me to manually trace the connections, so I will not have many jumpers and at the same time keep it shield compatible. I tried to google for something like this, many key word combinations for almost a month now, but found no solution with the above characteristics. I found a second serial Arduino, but is not downloadable any more.For these reasons I put the question in the first place.

I'm not suggesting using eagle to do the modification. Diagonal placement seems really hard for it to do (I'm recently self taught, so maybe there is a way I dont know of). You can do what I suggest in any image manipulation program, eg. MS paint.

Remember, you don't need to keep it small to keep it shield compatible, you just cant move the header location.

Diagonal placement? If you mean rotated in an angle, I have discover how this is done in Eagle. With Rotate tool selected you click the component, you are holding Alt and you drag the component to the angle you want. In Minimalduino, the guy used the rotate solution to reduce jumpers by rotating the Atmega chip. Ingenious.

OOh, I did not know that. Thanks