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Arduino + Stepper motor + RC controller Answered


I'd like to control a stepper motor using an arduino through an rc receiver/transmitter. First, is it even possible?! How Would I be able to connect it all together?

I need the stepper motor to rotate clockwise and ccw a certain amount of times per user input.

I'm really confused. Please Help and thanks


start step by step, work on controlling the stepper from the arduino first (google is your friend, you will find tons of tutorials) then work on getting the rc controller to work with arduino (this one may be tougher based on the controller you want to use)

here are a few links to get you started

Thank you for your answer !!
What qualities should the RC controller have to be compatible with Arduino?

not really sure here, I'd google to see other rc controllers people have used and got working. But I'd imagine you can get just about anything to work.