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Arduino bluetooth audio controlled? Answered

Hey i was wondering if an arduino could be controlled by bluetooth, but if you say something. Like using a bluetooth ear piece connected wirelessly to your arduino board and saying "on" to turn an LED on, and same with off. Is it possible or not? Also, does anyone know where i can find a good arduino bluetooth guide? Thanks alot!!

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jensenr30Best Answer (author)2011-06-21

I don't know of any "Arduino Bluetooth" guides anywhere. I think you are, as a matter of fact, exploring new territory with your inquiry.

You might have to build a Bluetooth shield yourself and then read up on Bluetooth programming protocol and how the programming language is constructed. Then you would need the skill to write an arduino sketch in C++ that could interpret the radio signals (which is what I'm assuming Bluetooth is) and then convert it into ones and zeros, and from that procure the raw Bluetooth language data. With this data you would have to carefully write a program to convert the raw data from the blue tooth language into usable data.

This is all just an educated guess. I'm not 100% positive on anything I just said because it was just a hypothesis of what you may have to do to interface arduino with Bluetooth.

The ONE thing I am sure about is that it would be VERY, VERY HARD!
Don't get me wrong, I would love to see you do it! But I know that this is too advanced a project for me.

All the best, Rtty21
p.s. I added you to my friends list!

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Adum24 (author)jensenr302011-06-22

Hey thanks for the advice! I guess I wont be doing that any time soon then! :)

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jensenr30 (author)jensenr302011-06-21

I was going to add you to my friends list just as soon as i finalized the reply, then I realized that instrucables doesn't have a "friend" function...

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