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Arduino to control frequencies with induction coupling? Answered

I want to experiment with inductive coupling, I have made two similar pancake coils of 16 turns of 12 AWG wire(I had it around ) . Now I need to generate a frequency, I know I can generate one with an arduino but I want to generate one to work with the 12v input from a computer PSU to make it more practical. Any way to do this? I'm kinda new to coils/frequencies. 

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iceng (author)2014-05-11

Have a look at this ible https://www.instructables.com/id/I-need-your-help.-...

to get a feel about induction coupling.

Keep in mind while you can generate any Fq with an Arduino, the receiving

ie secondary coil will need to be tuned to work at the selected Arduino frequency

to deliver optimum resonant power transfer.

Also only 16 turns of 12AWG wire will draw some heavy current at lower frequencies.

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Tom101222 (author)iceng2014-05-12

I know it can generate any frequency , but how would I apply it to higher current/voltages? Also what will be needed to resonate the second coil?I've seen setups that just use a cap.

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iceng (author)Tom1012222014-05-12

You ask questions, that the long and hard to read ible gives the answers above.

But here is spoon feeding the material for you.


The secondary coil must be at resonance with a capacitor at your target frequency SEE PIC ! from the instructable I already supplied

You can vary resonance by changing the Fq or the capacitance or the wire turns or loop diameter.

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iceng (author)iceng2014-05-12

Here is a coil inductance nomograph to calculate the inductance based on coil diameter to stack height length ratio and number of turns.

With the inductance value and the frequency you can calculate the capacitance value using the formula

C = 1 / L * (2*Pi*F)**2

C = Capacitance in Farads

L = Inductance in Henries

Pi = 3.14159 ratio of a circle perimeter to diameter

H = Frequency in Hertz or CPS cycles-per-second

**2 means squared (2PiF) x (2PiF)

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Tom101222 (author)iceng2014-05-13

Thank you I appreciate it this will help alot, back to my original question now, can I use an arduino to apply a frequency to voltages/currents beyond its capabilities? Can I just generate a frequency and wire it in parrellel with the power supply?

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steveastrouk (author)2014-05-12

You need to know the inductance of the coil you have made. What inner and outer diameter is it ? Like ICeng says, unless you have a high frequency, the coil will draw a lot of current.

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