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Are Jeans popular worldwide? Answered

Are blue jeans as popular in countries outside of the US? I commonly think of them as a quintessentially American leg covering, usually due to Mr. Strauss and the fact I see more people wearing them than any other type of Pantaloon. Because of my lack of foreign travel, I have a somewhat limited view on the subject and would like to know more.


in europe(france) i wear jeans but not levis more desighner jeans are here on an exchange program i went to the us for a school year an wwe went to the levis store in sanfrancisco(it rocked) Are white jeans popular in the us?

 Yes, jeans are popular all over the place. Try looking on Flickr for "<country> crowd" for various countries, and you'll see jeans everywhere. They're cheap, comfortable, good-looking, practical pants.

I know they are in Indiana. I would think in Canada, and maybe in Europe.
I can't be for certain though.