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Are Magic Mushrooms used for dietary purposes or "expanding one's consciousness", ie. "getting stoned" ??? Answered

My question may sound really dumb, but I never did that kind of experimenting when I was in my teens. I don't mean it to be critical either, I just wish I knew what they meant. I absolutely love to eat regular mushrooms battered and deep-friend, with cream gravy - ummm, it's almost a high! Thanks for any answers, please be kind, I'm not trying to be weird.


It's the later, getting stoned.  That's what they mean.  People use different species of mushrooms around the world and there are probably hundreds of species that people don't use, but the common bond is a hallucinogenic chemical that can be found in them.

There ARE ways you can cook and eat them, but to be honest they don't really have any good culinary properties and cooking reduces the effectiveness.

Either way, it's not a good idea to experiment with them.  They're extremely unpredictable at best.  You could feel an effect for five seconds or five days.  This is because the amount of psilocybin found in a particular species varies widely.  Sometimes a mushroom can contain five or ten times as much as the others.  It's not unreasonable to expect something like this can lead to an accidental overdose, and it happens frequently to mushroom users.

Worst still, a lot of deadly poisonous mushrooms look just like some common "magic mushrooms."  Admittedly, deadly mix-ups like that also a problem for people trying to find regular wild mushrooms, but imagine trying to tell the difference between a "good" mushroom and a "deadly" mushroom when you're already pretty high.

Magic always implies mystery and experiences beyond ordinary life. However it sounds to me like a version of "Russian Roulette". I admit to mental curiosity as to what that could be like, but I'm not daft enough to ever try it. Call me prudent or call me chickens***, I don't care. I was given a medicine once that began to give me hallucinations. It was NOT a fun experience. I will spare you details, but imagine people in dark cloaks appearing to walk through walls into my bedroom....whew!!! Somedays my life is boring, but on my worst days it is better than hallucinations and possible flashbacks.

Well, it's often thought that "magic" mushrooms first became widely used by ancient cultures as a dietary supplement, in a sense.  Psilocybin mimics naturally-occurring neurotransmitters, and in small quantities can sharpen senses like vision and hearing without producing hallucinations.  Many anthropologists believe that using these mushrooms greatly impacted our early survival as a species.

Also, while the effects can be rather unpredictable as the quantity of ingested psilocybin varies wildly between individual specimens, the toxicity of the substance is actually 150% less than that of caffeine.

Today, they're primarily used recreationally with few exceptions (those using them to evoke a "spiritual" experience for religious purposes).  I would avoid any gravy made with them, preferring instead a nice portabella or cremini.

I suppose in theory you could use 'shrooms for dietary purposes, because if you eat them regularly you'd eventually lose weight from forgetting to eat normal food... Although a very common way of taking them involves mixing them with regular food, so you might be OK.
You kind of need to mix them with something, because on their own they taste like monkey butt.

Or so I'm told....

People mean the kind that make you 'stoned',  magic mushrooms contain psilocybin but as with all herbs location, climate, soil condition, season it is difficult to know what dose you will get each time you pick them.

The high you are talking about is same one I get from grilled rib steak and fried potatoes-  your waist-line is the greatest concern!

"magic mushrooms"  on an "electric pizza" !  Right outta th' '60s man !

in humans, it's for the experience, not physical nourishment. I can't say how it affects all animals, so like catnip for cats, it may send us to ThE lAnd Of lUCy, but be little more than a salad item to some animals...

And yes, normal food can be transcendental as well, just differently (and often more safely, with wild mushrooms being what they are....)

yuppers. they are indeed for getting stoned.
you do cook them first however, and eat them liek a normal mushroom... always sounded gross and dumb to me, but to each is own