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Are all of the Pentium family Motherboards compatible?? Answered

      I was thinking of buying an old (Pentium II) laptop with windows 2000 professional on it.  I was just wondering if I could put a Pentium 4, etc. in to replace the old processor, and then put Linux on the machine.  Thanks!


Boards are designed around processors to a large extent. A PII board suits a PII, it won't support a P4 - you'd need a P4 board (different sockets for one).


I believe different versions of the Pentium family do require different sockets. There's also the question of whether the bus on the old motherboard is fast enough to feed the new chip.

I think the better answer is to start with a machine that's fast enough for your needs. Those, too, are available used -- not quite as cheaply, but better.

Theoretically, Linux can run on a small/slow machine better than Windows can. But that gets into the question of what flavor of Linux, and how much you're willing to trim it down.

Sadly this is not possible due to the fact even that they are produced by the same company the slots that the processor go onto are very different.

A pentium II could still run linux quite happily