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Are games for the XP and Vista Operating Systems compatible with the Windows 7 operating system? Answered

I am trying to decide what operating system(s) to put on my new gaming computer I'm working on.


Go with Win 7. It's much better than Vista, and XP is (unfortunately) on its way out. It's not much good to be able to play your old games, if you can't play any of the new ones.
I have not had any trouble playing my old XP games on Win 7, but admittedly Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle are not exactly resource-intensive games.

As long as your windows OS is not Vista, it's all bueno.

Windows 7 is a nice OS, and your games and other programs should work pretty much all right, except for a few changes.


8 years ago

According to MS your XP  games should all be able to run on Win7 using compatibility mode.
That's what MS claims, I can't confirm it.