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Are iMacs and iBooks good? I'm talking about the old colored ones!I I need one for daily internet use! Answered

Hi, i got a green iMac running os x for my birthday ( I had to pay) Its great


I worked at a school that used these and I can say with 100% commitment that I despise them. If you are getting them from a school I would not recommend it, but if you are getting them from someone who took care of them, then you might be alright.

Yes, if you want something you can run over with a car and still have it work (well... the hinge might break, but it will still run...)

Depends on what you want it for. If you want to run the FPS game Shooter Game 5: No Story; Awesome Graphics; All gore, HECK NO. If you want to run Linux, HECK MAYBE!

I wonder... Do you think you could put contemporary components into the casing of one of these?

As zerogx says - it depends on your application - if you dont need a tonne of power, they can be acceptable, but for the most part - even the operating system is going to bog down older systems these days.


9 years ago

in my opinion, most recent macs are good. however, the ibooks and the gumdrop imac are starting to age. They use the older powerpc processor, and apple is phasing out support for that chipset in i believe snow leopard.