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Are silicon pans a good idea? Answered

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wold630Best Answer (author)2017-08-28

The biggest downfall to silicone pans is the flexibility. Transferring a batter filled silicone pan to the oven can easily result in spills. These kinds of pans can also cause cracking and dents in a final baked good, especially cake, when removed from the oven!

If you choose to use silicone pans I recommend only using them for small sized applications. Placing them on a sheet pan can help prevent the above stated problems.

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Hannewanja (author)wold6302017-12-28

I have found that silicone in general picks up flavours, making it less suitable for baking. The flexibility can be circumvented by using another container around it (I used my regular baking tin), but the taste can not.

I had mine in de dishwasher and the cake I baked in it afterwards tasted of dishwasher soap (NOT good). Since this happened I only hand-washed my silicone spatulas, which has helped a bit. However, the silicone nipples my child uses on her bottles have taken over the washing up liquid's taste as well.

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