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Are there any free programs i can make a game? eg RPG, fps etc? Answered

I want to make a small game and know if its possible to find a free program!


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Willard2.0 (author)2009-07-06

You can try Game Maker7.0, I have used it and loved it. I am not sure if you can create a fps or rpg with it though. You can download it here, scroll down to the bottom and click "DOWNLOAD GAMEMAKER 7 HERE". It is a free unlimited trial. There are tutorials to download here. With the free version, you cannot use the multiplayer tutorial, but all others work. When you run it, it will ask you to go pro and purchase the full version, but you can use it forever for free by clicking the don't upgrade button in the bottom left corner.


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I agree with this highly. Game maker is probably the best out there, and even the free "lite" version will let you make an RPG or shooter. You can't make one in 3D without the Pro version though. But the games made will still be awesome.

Not convinced? Go to the YoYo games homepage and download a few games. You will be impressed (and at least 50% of those are made with the lite version).


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Blackadder (author)2009-07-06

There's a big list of game programming languages here...


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gmxx (author)2009-07-05

you can use the microsoft XNA game studio, or some of the microsoft express editions of its ides.


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