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Are there any instructions available to making your own Chinese musical instruments, namely the Guzheng? Answered

Although I don't know how to make one myself, I just love the sounds the Guzheng produces and I was thinking of learning to play one but... the instrument titself seems expensive to even purchase so it kinda made me think and am now wondering whether anyone could simply make their own Guzheng? If is anyone has built one from scratch and for themselves can you share the instructions, on how to build one, with others?

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JimFlo (author)2010-01-22

You need a few woodworking skills, but musical instruments are not as difficult to make as people think. Quality matters, as well as attention to small details and PATIENCE.. Wood type matters a lot for resonant tone, but you dont have to use traditional woods, and some good wood is available not too expensive. Check what zither, guitar, and violin makers are using.  Make your first one from cheaper materials, learn from your efforts and build a good one from better stuff. Search the internet there is a lot of info. I would start with these guys, and not rely on people like me to do the research.

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Kiteman (author)2010-01-22