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Are there any natural ways to make voice louder and clearer? Answered

I don't know if there's any way to increase the volume and clarity of my voice, is there? 
My voice is too soft, it may sound cute! but, I'm having problems these days because of my soft voice :( When I'm with a bunch of friends or family members I feel like I'm invisible! I have to speak 2-3 times louder than my usual volume!, which ain't easy at all, so I remain quite most of the time. besides, In presentations, seminars I'm getting low grades. The teachers keep saying 'try to speak louder', but how do I do that??? I have good grades, but I'm afraid I'll lose it :(
Please, I need help!



Best Answer 5 years ago

A couple of thoughts:
1 See a speech therapist. If you are a student, your school may have voice/speech therapists employed in the student health service. They would be able to evaluate why your voice is weak. Voice is something you want to be careful with. It can be permanently harmed by going at change the wrong way. So I urge you to get it checked out by professionals. Your problem may be something like breathing habits, or it may be more complex involving your vocal cords.
2 If you're tense when you have to speak, you may not be able to give yourself enough air. If you can relax (sometimes smiling helps) the added air volume may help. If that doesn't make a big difference, definitely go to your student health service or ask a faculty member to help you find a speech/voice specialist.


3 years ago

I am male and faced the soft voice problem till I was 28 yr old. You all can imagine the problem, I faced in school, college and work. But, after lot of research and consultation with doctors. I finally fixed it.
1. In most of the cases, its due to wrong breathing (or psychological problem) due to some wrong upbringing, emotional blockage.
Here any good voice specialist doctor, can identify the actual root cause of it.
1.1. They take multiple session to correct it.
1.2. Also you can ask them to use Hypnosis for fast improvement.
In my case the the voice session were very expensive and slow. But the Hypnosis helped me to completely resolve it in 2 sessions, by removing all the psychological blockage from my throat and activating my correct breathing from belly.
2. And there is very rare cases where it is due to some physical issue with throat. Nowadays, the surgical operation are available to resolve these issues.

Suggest you all to not lose hope, its curable. Love yourself and believe in yourself.

Hi Krish

Glad to know that you could resolve the problem and solution exists for the issue. I also have a very similar problem. I want to know which therapist or hypnosis expert did you see for this? Also what were the breathing techniques that you learnt?

You can also reply me on my mail id: chiraglavy@gmail.com

Thanks in advance


3 years ago

1. Learn to deep breath from belly.

2. Go at silent place where your are alone or comfortable. And shout aloud OR do gibberish speaking.

1. pretend your talking t someone further away.

2. As a person I am naturally quietly spoken - As a teacher I never had any problems being heard There are times to be quite and times to speak up - Practice them both.

I think you can help me. my aim is to become a teacher too! how do I practice them both?!

How old are you? Boys' voices become deeper at puberty as a result of raising testosterone levels. If you are older your voice is determined by the structure of your throat. Maybe someone in your family has a voice like yours. My brother's voice is deep like my father's and when I speak with them over the phone I get them confused (something that my brother loves to use for his advantage). If you past your puberty maybe you should see a physician to rule out any medical issues that you might have.
Performers practice breathing exercises to be able to speak clearly and relax before a show. Men's belly expands when breathing, women's chest expands when breathing.

Oh... and the end of your speech, you should loud-whisper, "Can you hear me NOW?"

Let's think about this for a minute. I have noticed it is human nature to speak LOUDLY to overpower others speach with more volume. And it is human nature to "not listen closely." These are both bad habits (and bad etiquite). So maybe your teacher is WRONG! Maybe your problem is THEY talk too loudly and THEY don't listen well enough. I believe you could LOUD-WHISPER your next speech in front of a small class and EVERYONE will hear you if they shut up and listen. For your next speech, do something unusual to get everyones attention so they are quiet.(Put on a clown nose, or put on a silly hat or something).Dont speak right away.. wait a few seconds untill everyone is quiet and curious about your unusual behavior. Then start your LOUD-WHISPER speech by saying: "Let me tell you a secret!" Smile for a few seconds with an "impish" expression on your face. Now they are all REALLY listening. Their ears are perked up like a retriever dog. Give a short LOUD-WHISPER speech on the etiquite of NOT speaking loudly, NOT ignoring others , and of good LISTENING habits. The secret is THEY have a problem not you! If you truly need more volume, bring a MEGAPHONE... and... speak normally dont yell.