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Are there any other hacks to use at school? Answered

Are there any other hacks to use at school?




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Here's one that might be good if you're not doing good in your classes. And if you're looking for hacks at school you might not be doing too well.

Ive messed with school computers alot. Unfourtuneatly for me, many features are blocked EG. Command Prompt, opening C:\ (which i can get around by using word). One hack I found was depending if opening C:\ or other folders are banned, if not, then go to my computer, in the address bar, type in data//(Data: DATA:\ DATA: data: data\\ may work, if you have the time, try different combos including /// and other slash colon combos) if it opens up in IE then do this with word, Now if your school network is built similar to mine you should have many folders in front of you. try putting in someones profile, if you get a file doesn't exist error try finding the file profile. You are now able to view everyone's profile in the school district. Some networks are built differently but Ive tried this on mine and it worked. Also some drive shortcuts are:
S:     =   Software
J:    =   1 day storage (You may find some weird stuff in here)
H:   = Your profile

All i can say is experiment, the more you mess with stuff the more you learn!

Oh, one more thing, check your schools website, under department links, or teachers links find library. if your school has a server set up you should find a tab or instructions on how to enter your profile at school remotely which can be usefull

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It is never advisable to bring a hatchet to school.

Do you mean other than the hacks posted on this website? Because there are a lot.
Also, is there a specific problem you're trying to work around? Or just show off to your friends?