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Are there any other websites similiar to instructables out there? Answered

i know about thinkgeek and hack-a-day already. I was just wondered if there are any more cool ones that could help quench my thirst for innovation. thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Although the site is based entirely upon videos and is not as organized, there is wonderhowto.com.

There is Yahoo Answers. It might not be terribly useful, but seems (at least on the kinds of questions I research) to have a very high proportion of people who have no clue and don't know this. So answering questions there might help you feel smarter and thereby raise your self confidence for creative ventures. : )

Rainy Day Magazine might be inspiring, and of course Make.

So true, about Yahoo Answers. I'm a Top Contributor at Y!A and I'm not exactly a braniac, either. It has raised my self-confidence even when I thought I knew what I was talking about...! I'm new here, at Instructables, and am considering a change of venue, or, at least, at contribution every now and again. 

I haven't seen any other site that allows the everyday person to submit their own DIY Instructions without setting up their own Home Page.

There is also www.howtodothings.com

This is the first time for me to come across any website that is based on such unique theme. But, I presume it is the best if there is any.


9 years ago

Yes: ehow.com and ask.com. They are definately not as good as the one and only instructables.com!

2 websites -definitely not as good as instructables- are www.ask.com and www.wikihow.com. lifehacker is pretty good, too.

i just now found www.howtodothings.com it has a lot of infor, it is not nearly as organized as instructables. Thanks for being great instructables.com!

Thanks for the web site hints- too much fun

No. There's none so good as Instructables.


9 years ago

lifehacker, make, inerd, slashdot