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Are there any sites that have free MP3s that are then transferred onto Windows Media Player? Answered

Ive been wondering if theres any websites that alow for a clickable link that then leads to windows media player and plays the song I have seen it done but im looking for a website in which A vast majority of Mp3s are like this that are free and 100% legal


I believe this is called streaming, kind of like youtube.

Searching mp3 streaming could work.

try beemp3.com soundclick.com and thefump.com all are free and legal


8 years ago

i wish. its probably not going to happen, because anytime an mp3 opens like that, you can steal it. you might find a site that does it, but it will not legal. Your best bet is to go to youtube /projectplaylist/pandora/last.fm to play it. or free.napster.com

Yeah but I dont want to play it I want to get it onto my MP3 somehow. And there are sites such as smosh whose songs will play as windows media files and then you can steal them if you want to but Its most likely legal as you said.

yea.... purevolume has a large selection of legal tracks put up by the original artist. a lot of the music will be unsigned (read: not mainstream) artists

Once upon a time, there was MP3.com, which became Download.com, which became C-Net. They allowed for free (and paid) downloading of mp3's, depending on which files the artist wanted to make freely available. Now, it's Last.fm, and it's streaming with no downloading available. You can always exploit the analog hole, or if you have the right sound card and software record the wave out and save it as an mp3. Otherwise, the days of free and legal mp3's are pretty much over from what I've seen.