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Are there any small speakers eg 80 ohms 1" Dia x 3/8" Deep with cable for an MP3 player? Answered

I have several old GI Joe / Action Man figures who used to give commands when a string was pulled out of the back of the torso.               This would start a small mechanical wind mechanism which passed a tiny tape across a needle, the sound coming out of a speaker facing forward. Sound came out through holes in the chest.           My idea is to put a small MP3 player (e.g. Sansa) in a backpack with a small speaker inside the torso and then attach the two via a standard audio cable.      I would like to keep this as simple as possible as I am not an electronic engineer.        I can find miniature cube shaped speakers on the web but they are too bulky for what I am trying to do.         I literally need a speaker and a cable to plug into an MP3.        I have attached a picture of a PCB (from a more modern "Talker" Action Man that has a button which activates a sound and has a speaker attached) together with the type of MP3 player I am looking to use for my alternative plus the type of speaker to MP3 player cable I would ideally like to use.     Any help will be very much appreciated,          Kind regards, Bernard (UK)


I don't think there are any such thing as 80ohms speaker the ones your using is 8ohms. You would get some sound output if you connect the speaker directly to the audio cable and keep the volume to max. If you want a louder sound you should build an amplifier, there are many amplifiers on instructables which are simple and easy to build, so you could try that.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
It looks like I misread the ohms value. The original speaker is from a figure made in the early 70s and the writing on it is very small and faded.

Please excuse my ignorance but how do I connect the speaker (two white wires) to the audio cable?

I have a small set of ear plugs that currently I have plugged into the small round sound output port my PC. Could take that and plug it into my MP3 player then cut off the ear plug ends and attach the wires to a corresponding white wire coming from the speaker?
e.g. The left ear wire to one white wire coming from the speaker and the right ear wire to the other white wire.

Again my apologies if this is all very simple stuff but I really don't have any experience to go by,


Hey you could cut any one of the ear plug (left or right). Each ear plug has two tiny wires you should connect the white wires from your speaker to this. And remember to remove the insulation from the wire (ear plug) before connecting them.

That worked very well.
8 ohms 1 watt speaker now inside the torso of my old Action Man attached to an MP3 player via the audio cable and earphone socket.

Action Man is now sitting on my PC desk doing a VERY good impersonation of Tom Petty singing Refugee! :)

Thanks very much for all your help,

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