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Are there multi-shot designs for pneumatic cannons operating at 60psi? Answered

I am trying to design a t-shirt cannon that can shoot at least twice with one pump of the tank. I have a two tank design with ball valves for each tank, but the system is too complicated to explain to school officials. Is there a better design?


<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/T-shirt-Cannon/">www.instructables.com/id/T-shirt-Cannon/</a>

good idea but i would use one tank 2 valve and a tank in a packpack or a paintball tank

looks bulky but it has lots of potential.

Probably would work, And also since you are only using 60 psi, 2 liter soda bottles would work well for cheap air tanks, Although truth be told, If you need to ask, you probably will not have a cannon that gives the desired effect. T shirt cannons need very high flow to work well with the lower pressures, and that is near impossible to achieve through one sprinkler valve. You could probably get the shirt out of there, but it would only probably go around 20 feet, since the t shirt also balloons out when you fire it, unless you bundle it up, in which case it becomes a rather dangerous ball of fabric XD

Looks like a good solid design the sprinkler valve is unnesscary try using three airtanks and ball valves for more shots Where do you fill the tanks I dont see any schrader valves? Your design is great i wouldnt change it