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Are these Capacitors Fried?? Answered

I think i blew out a cheap voice chance I have... can anyone verify that the capacitors I have circled are indeed blown... I've never looked before, and am not 100% sure the black isn't just a manufacturers marking. also, the caps are 20pF and 56pF and I need to replace them STAT... would Radio Shack's 100 pack capacitor grab bag have these numbers?


The black markings are manufacturer's markings, they are not fried.

i discovered my issue, it was nothing more than the mic contacts shorting each other... it works again


10 years ago

I agree with everyone--it's unlikely they are blown.

Re: Radio Shack 'grab bag': those are unusually small capacitance values, so who knows? I've used this supplier before...

Wow, I haven't seen a GoldMine catalog in eons .

I really doubt that they are "blown" unless you sent quite a current through them. I have seen caps marked like this.

I believe I fed headphone level output through a microphone input. Is that enough, or should I be looking elsewhere for the issue.

I wouldn't think that would be too much of a problem (now, if you fed it through a "crystal mic", the mic might not have liked that very much :-)

ive run a headphone out into a mic in before. never hurt anything when i did it.

If I did destroy something via overpowering the input, would it likely be one of the caps/diodes/resistors, or am i likely looking at a dead LM386 amp (not a big deal, I've got spares), or a dead IC (a big deal, as it's encased in epoxy)?

They're fine, those are most likely marks from the QOS station to mark that they were tested good. And yeah if they were blown, you'd know because there would be black around them on the pcb.

. If those are ink/paint marks, then they are probably OK (or at least that's not an indicator of damage). If the orange coating is chipped, they are suspect.
. Just guessing, but judging by the way the unit looks, I'd say their pF values are not critical.
. If you're referring to RS's p/n 272-801, youll have to contact RS (all it says on the web page is "assorted values"), but I'll bet they don't know.