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Armadillo bread bin. Answered

I want to make one of these but I don't know how. I searched Diy armadillo bread bin on Google but  nothing good came up. Any info on how to make this would be great!



It's really pretty simple. A set of strips of aluminum (or other metal) of gradually decreasing lengths, nested around pivots on each side (see the open photo). Each strip has a lip on the outside which engages a lip on the inside of the strip that surrounds it, so as you pull one over it catches the next and so on. The innermost has a handle for convenient opening and closing. The rounded ends both let them rotate smoothly and keep you from jabbing yourself on a sharp corner.

Affix the whole mechanism to a cheeseboard/breadboard and you're done.

Of course the devil is in the details, but that should give you the essentials to start experimenting with. DO NOT attempt to use the metal from soda cans; that's much too thin.

Hey did anyone ever manage to make this? Want to make something similar for a school project and just wondering how the pivot system is made?

McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply. You want "aluminum shim stock". Google Is Your Friend.

orke is right but i just wanted to say that these are the coolest things since sliced bread (i know corny joke but i tried)

oh and don't forget to make an ible about how you built your personal one!

I don't know if I'll make it anymore. I've got my eye on some other projects out there.

aw man! I don't have enough time to make my own ible please!
its cool I will make one eventually

I know, but christmas is very near and I'm quite busy!

so what you should be on christmas break

well I meant that since youre on the winter holiday break you should have plenty of time to do stuff(unless you are traveling or homeschooled like i once was)

yeah I do have lots of time, it will be well spent!

so at least get the materials then you can build it over spring break