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Around the world in 80 seconds Answered

Here's a fun video by Alex Profit & Romain Pergeaux that travels the world in 80 seconds with a pretty clever way of showing the current location. You can see how it's all done in the end, too.

It was done in 3 weeks traveling around the world and is a pretty cool way to document a trip.

via kottke


aye that IS very cool !

Using doors and hallways as the transitions between locations was really clever.  No weird jumps in the scenery.  And the globe on the boom is outstanding.  It's great to see some old-school physical special effects instead of lazy photoshoppers.

wait was the world fixed to that tripod on the whole trip or just edited in ?

On the tripod the whole time. It could've been added later, but that would take away from the appeal of it. Nice to see it affected by the lighting.

Woah thats amazing !

really impressive, it would have been a lot harder with that whole contraption on it !

It looked like it was fixed to it, but it looked like it would have been easier to edit it in instead of carrying the globe around.


I like the use of the globe!

Outstanding! Very nice.
I saw london I saw france I saw someones...

This is cool. I want to go to Japan. It looks beautiful.

Awesome use of technology.

Interesting... they could have squeezed a few more locations in, but it works.