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Art Experiment Answered

Klara.be (belgium art radio/channel) did an experiment with Belgian painter Luc Tuymans (who's paintings go for million usd). What if you take art out of its usual context and expose it in the street? Would people even notice it?


Interesting! Art is such an odd thing. People pat millions, but don't look at it if its out of context? I think museums and galleries are out of context. Anyways, very interesting

I think you've made a big contribution the the "what is art?" argument - If people only recognise it as "art" because it's in a gallery, then is it really art?

It is my personal opinion that the greatest art form is human achievement at it's best - it's amazing what we can do when we work together.

But that's just me... =]

another interesting philosohpy. Art is art if it makes you imagine. If nothing comes to mind, the artist has failed. If someone draws a circle on the beach, and it makes you at least visualize a circle, its the same as if you would've discovered the meaning of life through that little expression.

What I loved was the art buffs talking about how it would change people, and whatnot, like looking at his art is a life changing moment... and 94% of the people in his home town didnt even stop to notice it. i wonder if this video changed the art buff's life at all...

I think all those gallery owners/curators/auctioneers just gagged on their cabernet sauvignon when they read your comment. There is a business underlying the intentions of a lot of modern art. Most of the stuff you hear about now is to shock and get attention. Then again, most of the crazy stuff like paint splatters and blank canvases has already been done. It shouldn't be too intellectual so that not everyone can enjoy it.

I hate modern art. The world today is centered around shock. I truly hate those paintings where the eyes are where the nose should be and blah blah......yet a 3 year finger paint of a beach which is basically a big brown line and a big blue line......that is art at its finest........

I had seen this. People really are too involved in their own lives. Even if it were just graffiti, one really should take time to admire the sheer look of it. Any form of art that can make you imagine something is worth appreciating. Around my home, there are a lot of insults to politicians and stuff in graffiti, but the art itself is amazing!!! If someone took their time to make something, th least we can do it watch it. Something I found funny - out of about 10 minutes of video, only 2 minutes consist of the actual event. The other 8 are comments about the artist