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Article Fails To Credit Instructables Answered

To: Ginny Mies, PC World Staff Editor, and Nick Mediati, PC World Assistant Editor
CC: Kimberly Brinson, PC World Managing Editor, Ed Albro, PC World Editor, and Eric Wilhelm, Instructables CEO

Who is this guy?
I can't find his name on your staff list, so I hope you are the right people to talk to about this.

I was reading the article in the above link and realized that I had just read most of that stuff (almost in that order) already on a web site called Instructables. While I don't care so much about the actual copyrights (Instructables is largely based on "Attribution non-commercial share-alike" legality), I do believe that at least a formal nod is in order. It might look (to those unfamiliar with Instructables) like he did some fancy research to gather those neat tips together, but to me it is practically undeniable that he was surfing Instructables. (I am not exaggerating, I read at least half of those tips on Instructables within the same hour!)

Perhaps the best tip Zack Stern could have given was the only obvious one he left out: Visit Instructables for more of these user-enabling tips!

Ricky Ratzlaff
Avid Instructables reader

P.S. If you need links to the relevant projects on Instructables, feel free to ask. They're just a search engine away!



8 years ago

Everything referenced in those articles was common knowledge before appearing on Instructables...

You may have seen it here first....but more than half of those "tips" originated within the manufacturing and computer service industries ( Clean this, clean that, remove a mini-CD, reseat components, etc.)

You mean "If something is wet, dry it, if something is loose, push on it" aren't the exclusive province of Instructables? ;-)

What a ridiculous thought! Of course they are exclusive to Instructables!! Mostly I just feel that the tone and direction of the article called for acknowledgment of this website. I've read articles about how to do this or that before, but this one just felt like it was about to say "you can read all about this step by step on Instructables, cuz that's where I got this info!" But it never did. The casual reader might be interested in this article but never know that there is a whole interweb based on this peer-instructing-peer mentality. What a travesty! Is it just me, or is my soapbox rather wobbly?

Is it possible the "stolen" information was actually released as public domain? That's how I license the vast majority of my ibles, which means no formal nod (while nice) is not required. On that note, I wish more people would do this, as often times crediting someone's work isn't possible and therefore it's rendered unusable (namely on wikipedia, but here as well).

Well, they obviously failed step 4, so I felt that something should be said. :)

Although they cover similar topics to projects published here, the images and text are different - does anybody see a publishing date on the PC World articles?