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Artificial Gills Answered

I don't kow about you, but I swim a lot and, as with most swimmers, would LOVE to be able to breath underwater without bulky air tanks or even a light rebreather. Fish take oxygen from the water so I don't see why can't I build something that does the same. Is there anybody who has any ideas or suggestions as to where I should look?



8 years ago

I've had an idea for a long time that if you made a hole/passage into the bottom of your lounges (between the ribs), you could suck the water into your lounges, let the oxygen be absorbed from the water, then "push" the water out through the "passage" in your rib cage.  Thereby breathing like a fish, kinda.

I read somewhere (long ago) that human lounges should be able to absorb oxygen out of water., I don't see why not.

Anyway, just my 2 cent idea.


8 years ago

Actually, if you're into that sorta stuff, you might look into flourocarbons.

It's not a new concept; the idea's been around since the early 80's, but it's one that still has room to develope. In fact, the research extends into artificial blood.
If you've ever seen the abyss, the liquid breathing apaparatus stuff they use in that movie is based off of where the technology was believed to be headed during the making of the movie.

Without googling, I can tell you that this is probably a job beyond the home Maker.

The human lungs have roughly the same internal area as a tennis court, and that's to deal with oxygen-rich air, so your gills are going to need something similar, which probably means micron-scale semi-permeable membranes.

Don't give up on the idea, though - it would make a brilliant product, and thus a brilliant research project at university and beyond.

Did you try typing your topic title into Google?  Eight of the first ten hits answer your question.

 That is quite kind in letting him know where to find a pair.

I actaully tried the public library first. This "google" looks promising. Thank you!