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At a stand still in my Raspberry Pi project. Help? Answered

So I have been posting a couple questions concerning the raspberry pi and things related to it lately and I have trying to keep it vague because I'm attempting to build something with the pi and I don't know if it has been done before (it probably has and I just haven't found it).  Anyway, I want to make a rear view camera in my car, like newer model cars come with.  But i Have run into a few problems and i need the great people of this website to help me be able to figure these things out.  The problems:

1. I want to hook up the pi to the power supply in the cigarette lighter in my car, so that when the car turns on, the pi also turns on and boots up.  However, I want the pi to boot up and automatically open the camera preview function (with the Pi Camera Module) upon booting up. I do not know how to do this.

2. The display connection.  I want the display for the camera to be mounted to the dashboard somewhere, but the Pi, with the attached camera module, would need to be in the trunk somewhere, looking out to the rear of the car to actually function as a rear view camera.  So, I would like to connect the display to the Pi wirelessly and I'm not sure if that's possible.  I've seen a few boards and shield that you can mount on the Pi to enable wireless connectivity, but I'm not sure if that would work for a display.

My display was originally going to be a screen i salvaged from an old laptop, to keep the price down low, however i have no way to connect the screen to the pi.  So now i figured I'd just put out the money and buy a touchscreen display.

So please people help me figure out how to solve these problems, and keep in mind I'm fairly new to the Pi and programming.
Thanks in advance!


Here's an Ebay item. for considerably under 100 USD, which, while its a UK site, shows whats possible.


For the price of the Pi you can buy a back up camera kit for you car. You can get them for under $100.

Well what's the fun in that? I already have the Pi and the camera module anyway so I figured I'd try and have some fun with it. But I looked myself for a kit that would fit my car and i found they were ~$200