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Atmel 89 series programmer, (http://chaokhun.kmitl.ac.th/~kswichit/89prog/index.html) Answered

has anyone made it work? can u help me? and also can it be connected via usb?

coz i'm really having a hard time making it.


I have redesigned it , replaced RS232 with USB, will work on prototype next week
check out http://technofreek.com or ebay.in

Yes,it will work via a USB serial adapter. What's hard about making it ?


uhm... its hard to say which, its just not woking... uhm...
well 1st, i didnt unerstand which program i was supose to load, iders a selection der single or double. but der was only one schematic.

(did u use usb to rs232?)

I don't understand your reply, except, yes, you can use a USB-232 device.


hahaha! im sorry, uhm... 1st, about the firm ware, when i downloaded it, it has 2 file, single and double. i have no idea wat hat is, does it means if i usea a double sided pcb, or single? but with its file, der was only one schematic.