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Attach a camera to your cat! it will take pictures randomly all day! man this is a great idea! Answered

All the credit goes to this german guy


If anybody wants to improvethe idea please feel free to do so and tell me about it
dejabox at gmail.com



The cat with a camera swinging from its neck all day will despise you for eternity and claw you to death in your sleep. At least mine would.

Yeah; our cat won't even keep a collar on for more than 24 hours...

I think a dog would be better.

I saw this site yesterday and thought it was a really flippin' cool idea. Suggestions for camera type, creation, etc, are on his site as well as 4 days of pictures from his cat.

Find out what secret underground life your cat lives when you're at work, who knows, maybe it's running a mafia??

waiting for someone to turn it into a lolcat :p That's a really cool project though... I'll bet there's lots of things you could attach this to :)

Now that is a Grand Idea! I always wonder what my 3 Kitties do all day when I am out,LOL What type of camera do you suggest I use, I do have pretty smart cats and I have to wonder if they will somehow manage to get the camera off them, do I attach it to their collar? Bright Idea! ~Wendy~

National Geographic's crittercam comes to mind..

Somehow I envisioned a helmet-cam style thing, with a cat walking around with a camera duct taped to its head. It was a very amusing thought. But this seems more practical. I want to seem what happens when the cat hears the shutter go off. lol.