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Attention! All other Logic Bows are now obsolete Answered

Well I took apart my sniper because it had really bad range, and I though well what now.

I built a Logic Bow

The new version is shorter, cleaner and much better looking. It also is a heck of alot more powerful. The new design incorperates a pin guide that prevents the pin from lifting when fired (this was my biggest gripe with the original)

It is better than any other version in every way.

I will be posting this as a seperate instructable as basicly the entire gun has been redesigned. Unfortunately I cannot post any pictures until I have found the charging cable for my camera ='(.

thats all for now.



8 years ago

So? Where is it? its been over amonth

Who cares when you don't have pictures?

SHADY'S NEW ALBUM IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, I know, and second, why the f**k are you bumping up an old topic just to tell me that?

 Agreed. Even though I don't see why he would lie or anything like that about this, the fact is: No pictures, no proof.

...And the fact that he didn't even tell pretty much anything about the gun. Pictures are very important in a topic like this....

Ratchet behind handle
pin guide
direct pullback trigger
compact design
good sights
sturdy design

I would tell you range but it's raining here so I can't go outside to test, also I can't find the camera charger to get pictures.

 "Direct pullback trigger"......what?

Sorry, I guess i'm getting behind the times in K'NEX now-a-days....

Beside that, sounds good. Just a quick note, in the future, you might want to wait to find your camera and get pictures before posting about it(I believe I've fallen victim doing this on a number of occasions.).

pulls staight back instead of turning on an axle. I know its not good to talk before you can put up a pic but I'm so dang proud of it, it has the best stock I've made on it, it looks sick!

Straight/Direct Trigger pullback means the trigger moves straight backwards, not in a swinging motion such as on an axle. The S/D Trigger would be between a rail of sorts.

You know whats funny? A lot of people are too lazy to take pictures, and make something up about why it doesn't work. I've done it before, but wow. It's happened a lot recently.