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Audio Cards Answered

Can anyone tell me how I can made an audio crads like the ones you can purchase in stores. I would like to be able to purchase the circuit board and speker and then record my own messages for my grandchildren books. If you know wher I can purchase the circuit board, speaker and what else is need to record my own voice on the circuit borads. Thanks Mike


I think hallmark makes a pre maid one now that does that. You could buy an audio recording model from radio shack, it runs on 2 AA's though, not the small coin cell batteries like those inside cards.

Thanks for your comments. I checked with Hallmark and they do not sell them to the public, at least that's what they told me. You mention that I could buy a audio recording model at Radio Shack.?? Can you be more specific on what I need to accomplish this. Thanks

Here is a link. It runs off of a 9 volt battery but if you buy 3 CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries and put them in series it might work.

Joe, Thank you very much, this will be extremely helpful.

Sure, if you have any questions just comment back at me or pm me. Good Luck Thanks

dose anyone know how to get one that will run for more than 20 seconds maybe somewhere around a minute?

Two AA's total 3V; therefore, a 3V coin cell would power the device, albeit with a shorter battery life. Of course, you could then wire two or more coin cells in parallel to increase run time.

oh yeah. Now that I look at it actually runs on a 9 volt battery.Maybe 3 coin cell in series. Nice catch on my error.

. I'd just buy a card that allows one to record a msg and peel the paper off.