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Audio Spectrum Analyzer Headphones Answered

Hi, I was wanting to try to make some custom headphones. The headphones themselves wouldn't really be anything special but what is on the sides is what i'm wanting. On the sides I was wanting LEDs in a circular fashion working as a spectrum analyzers to what ever music I play. A visual idea of what i'm wanting is the GIF below, the way the analyzer is working in the background is how id want it on the headphones except in the opposite direction where the bars go outward.I also would like to have it to where it had a switch where i could turn the analyzer off but still listen to music without it running. I don't care on how it works i just want it to not be too expensive and i want it to where it could look a little professional and clean


thank you for the help but im wanting more of an explanation of how to build it with every little part not a already made one, and i want to learn what i NEED for it to work. like PCBs, resistors, transistors so on

If you follow through on the instructable, the links within will take you to the Adafruit tutorials on how to build and get the parts. A microphone module is attached to an arduino. The arduino translates the sound heard into digital numbers. It can then process it to display the lights on the LED rings or strips.

You could do this


https://www.instructables.com/id/Adafruit-Flora-NeoPixel-LED-Ring-Headphone-mod/ Look up on adafruit's site about FFT fast fourier transform with their piccolo project on how to incorporate the frequency spectrum analyzer stuff. You can go with concentric neopixel rings, individually laid out neopixels, neopixel strips across the headband, any design you want... Good luck.