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Audio chip? Answered

I want to make a device to play a sound when a PIR sensor detects motion, but I don't know about the audio chip. I can't seem to find a chip that allows you to program a sound clip to it, then output it when it is given a signal. The closest I found was a cheap sound recorder module from china, but it contains all the external components (mic, batteries, speaker, switches) and so it acts just as a voice recorder. I need an individual chip that will do something similar. I may use the module as a prototype, but I eventually intend to mass produce the circuit, so that is why I am looking for an alternative. It only needs to hold about 5 seconds worth of audio, medium quality.



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Now, I am not totally certain on this, but I think PICAXE chips with an M in the name (08M, 14M etc) can play music. If they can, then it should be relatively easy to do. Type PICAXE Manual 1 into google, and see if there is anything in there.

I will check those out, a micro controller capable of playing audio would be perfect.

Lol, a talking/singing Hallmark Card came to my mind. Is there any way to make it into what he is talking about?

Ti used to make a small IC that could be prerecorded for sound as part of a gaming event.  I can't find anything like that in their product line now ??!

Thanks, I will have a look at this, but it seems unnecessarily large. I only need to store a few second-long audio clip on it, not 8 minutes. The packages seem a little bit too large as well, and they don't seem to have a DIP option. I need a chip which has a DIP package for prototyping, but is also available in a small QFP or SOIC for mass production. What about the programming too? How would this be done?

Absolutely. The ISD chips are fantastic for this kind of application.


What sort of sound

What is your skill level with electronics

What experience have you of using microprocessors.

What budget do you expect.

All these are relevant to a sensible answer.

I have a lot of experience with electronics, but I haven't really properly used microcontrollers. I have a PIC programmer, but I couldn't get it to write any custom code, I also have an arduino, but I have only got tutorial code running on it. I also have a few ATTiny 2313-20PUs, apparently I could program them through my arduino, but I was never able to make this work. Budget isn't too important as I am creating a prototype on behalf of someone, so it should be a fairly common chip that can be bought in a DIP package or QFP/SOIC for manufacturing. I can't give you all the details on the sound as it is classified as the patent for the idea is still pending, but it will be a short sound effect, that needs to be medium quality, and it will be amplified to about 500mW through an LM386.

Go with the picaxe it's easy to learn. My door bell is driven by a picaxe = plays music.

The forum with hel with any other questions.

I think there was a fetured article in the last few months showing how to work with audio on an Arduino, and I expect some of this can be transferred over another microcontroller suitable for your project.

I will have a look at this. It may be alright for a prototype anyway.