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Auto Catfeeder Answered

I am in need of an Auto Catfeeder for my cat. She gorges on food until she gets sick and the auto feeders that you can buy dispense too much food at once. I need to make one that dispenses small amounts at several intervals per day. Someone help me. I could make it if someone could help me design it. Thanks. Amy


Check Make: Magazine volume 3. They have an excellent article on how to turn an old VCR into an automatic cat feeder. you use the timer recording functions to regularly dispense food.

thanks so much, this is awesome and we're making it. Amy

How about feeding kitty twice a day and not giving her too much? I've found that giving cats less palatable food helps, if they're hungry they'll eat it, but won't stuff themselves. (I find it amusing that some cat food carries "cats will seldom over-eat") L