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Auto-Loading 10 Shot Rifle Review *By Ratchet and Clank* Answered

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be reviewing a 10 shot, auto-loading rifle by Bannana Inventor. Some notes before I start. -All credit goes to the builder, not me. -I'm rating on a 1 to 5 scale. -I review guns by request.(the dragonuv is up next) Ok. Now that you have that. I'll start the review. Handle/Gripping-3.8 The handle could have been a little slimmer. Plus there isn't really a good front grip-type-thing.(Yes. I had no word for that situation.) Range-4.5 Pretty good, especially for its size, and the fact that it is a magazine-fed gun. I got mine about 35 feet. Accuracy-5.0*** One word- Pinpoint. Power-3.0 It's power is restricted, since the bullet is so light. But for the bullet, it has some power. Body/weight balance-5.0*** Great balance throughout the gun. The body isn't flimsy. Stock is comfortable. But on a note, which was stated by The Jamalam, it was made by him and used on his storm guns. Credit goes to him. And now one word. AWESOMENESS!!! Reliability-4.0 Since the magazine uses blue 3-d connectors, you have that millimeter sized jut on the inside of the magazine. So, the magazine sometimes jams, but you only have to push up slightly on the magazine ram. OVERALL-4.2!!!!!!!!!! Overall, great rifle. Auto-loading is a good feature, and a true trigger pleases a lot of k'nexers. Take those, and you get a gun like this. One of Bannana Inventor's best. Review by Ratchet and Clank. Gun by Bannana Inventor Thanks for reading this review! I hope you enjoyed it! Good luck building this, becouse this rifle is a must in your arsenal.



I can only review guns i have shot pesonally. Yours is too big. I don't have enough peices.

A few suggestions: Gorkems sniper Wicky's v2 Oodalumps's semi-auto (thats a god one it is) Ironmans l69 Dsman1's sniper Givadanvers gat (the one with instructions by dsman)

Foresthell12's pistol quad Blaster knexagons semi auto Those are good and not too popular

You should review my BBKWG.

Ooo I was waiting from something similar to this. Could you do my Side Arm? I Really like it but waiting for comments and ratings just doesn't give me a good enough example of how much people also like it. I want to see if it is even one of the first guns people would think of for using in a war or something for their side arm.