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AutoCAD 2012 for 1:1 3D model making/printing? Answered

The title just about sums up my question. I am using AutoCAD 2012 to make 3D models for the intent of 3D printing. However, all the models I make in CAD are smaller then they are showing. For example, I draft a 5x5x5 cube, and export it as an STL. Then open in a a few different STL viewers, and the cub has shrunk down to about 2.5x2.5x2.5.

Now, I can always just scale up my models to fit the needed size, but if I can get CAD to agree with me to make a 5x5x5 cube that will really come out to be 5x5x5, that would make things easier. 

Also, as a precursor, I have changed the units in CAD to match my needs, but it the models are still coming out small


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steveastrouk (author)2013-03-15

I've had issues with other packages and STL, not just AutoCAD. It may be a generic problem with the format ! I use Alibre, and some tools accept its STL out, in scale, some don't.

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magnumgrp1 (author)steveastrouk2013-06-15

This from http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/69074-autocad-2013/"

"... As Paul says the export to .stl function is fairly recent - remember to set facetres to 10 as, iirc I think this affects the resolution of the .stl.... "


Lucky Balaraman

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DoctorWoo (author)steveastrouk2013-03-15

I actually just noticed that. Sketch-up seems to be giving me the same sort of hassles..

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bwrussell (author)DoctorWoo2013-03-15

Hmmm, didn't have this problem with CATIA V5 and Instructable's printers.

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