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Automated Jupe tableor Fletcher Capstan table Answered

Hi! I recently stumbled across the fletcher capstan table design, which I have researched into, and found a lot of info on them and the basis for them, Jupe tables. Basically, it is around table which expands into a bigger round table, instead of into an oval table.

Heres a link, http://www.dbfletcher.com/capstan/

So what I would love to do is design a similar self-contained expanding round table, but one which is automated. From the videos provided on the site, I have come up with a half dozen or more ideas on how to make a similarly functioning table. I am not sure which, if any, of these approaches DB Fletcher uses. I also don't know if it would violate any patents or coprights or whatever to make one for myself, if I design it myself, simply inspired by how his works...?

In any event, none of the ways I can think of to make it work seem easily automated. I'm just wondering if anyone here might come up with some ideas? If we can come up with something which I could build, I would love to document it and make an instructable!


 If you're still interested, they themselves make an automated one now. It's witchcraft I tells ya!

Hmm, other then driving the lower portion with a motor, I don't see an "easy" way either. And, if the lower portion being turned (in the same way the upper portion is by the guy in the first video) is at about the same ratio of force (that is, being just as easily turned), the drive need not be complicated.

You will only violate a patent if you decide to sell your idea. It's perfectly fine for your personal use.