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Automatic pet food dish Answered

I want to make a pet food dish that rations out pet food at specific intervals. Something similar to this http://www.petronic.com/sixday.htm it doesn't have to be a circle, I could probably figure out how to do it with a pulley system and motor if it was straight, but I need to find a timer to trigger the motor. Does anyone know where to get a timer like that, or what I should search for. I've never built anything before, so I don't know anything, or what to search for. Thanks for any help.



9 years ago

I think i saw an automatic dispenser somewhere...

Did you see Back to the future. Doc brown had an automatic pet food dispenser for his dog Einstein.

you could get a timer (it looks like a wallwart) that's meant for christmas lights and just attach a motor (not direct unless it's a 120volt AC motor!)