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Automatically logged out for no obvious or apparent reason. Answered

So today I was clicking around the knex section as usual, when I got a message saying "Support DIY and Instructables today and go pro" or something like that.  I'm already a pro member, so I reloaded my "you" page, and found out that I was mysteriously logged out of the system.  I did not hit the "logout" button at any given point.

I did update Firefox to the newest version, but there was about a 10 minute interval between me starting up the latest version of the browser and the logout incident, during which I loaded about 5 pages, and it hasn't logged me out after past updates, so I'm not ready to rule that in as a possible cause.  I did not clear my cookies or cache.  It seems fine now, but it's still kinda odd this happened.



8 years ago

I'm having a similar problem. When I leave the 'Ibles site after having logged in, there are times, when I return, I have to login again.
I haven't closed my browser (Firefox 3.6.6),  changed the settings or made any other changes whatsoever.
This seems arbitrary and doesn't happen every time. I've tried to duplicate it or discern a pattern without success.
It doesn't happen with other sites that I subscribe to, only here.
Not a major problem, but annoying nonetheless.

Sorry, I HAD to say this. I CAN'T BELIEVE it! My last comment just actually got posted! A miracle!

I have the exact same problem. In fact, I've tried to say this 8 times already. Every time it expires, every time. There's something wrong with me posting on Instructables. Even when it says it will bring me to /edit/post/ it usually doesn't. When it does, its finished loading with a blank screen.

Well I would appreciate n e help I can get. It keeps logging me off 4 no apparent reason as well but it hasnt stopped doing so. I have IE. I surf a couple pages and then suddenly I'm logged out. HELP! PLEASE! I haven't changed n e setting or moved/added n e programs.

yup, that just happened to me a few hours ago. probably just firefox. i just got the newest version too.

I have had this happen, you just keep logging in until it goes away. I would log in, load a page, and it would log me out. It is fixed for me, though.

This is the direct opposite of me. Firefox works fine with me ,but IE does not

Its done that to me before- no idea why its just FireFox