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Aux only DIY Car stereo Answered


I bought an old car recently. But came with bad stereo head and perfectly working speakers. Now I figured out that all I need in my stereo in aux input which I can connect to my mobile device. Is there any way to make an aux input port without using any radio head, ie, the direct connections with AUX. also please explain wiring layout of head.


What about the stereo is bad? If the internal amp is bad there is nothing you can do other than adding a new amp to the car. You might as well buy a cheap head unit for the car.

I am not sure. All it does is a buzz sound. And sometimes not even that.

Then how do you know the speakers work? Blown speakers can make a buzzing noise too.

If the speakers are fine and the best you can get out of the stereo is a buzz you probably just need to go ahead and replace the head unit.

This is what the seller told me that speaker are fine. However, I can surely buy a new head unit. But this out of my interest and curiosity that i want to make to make an aux only headset of my on. My idea is to somehow directly connect my present speakers with my mobile device using aux cable, which as you said might require an amplifier in between. I am attaching images of my head unit and its connection pins. I have no idea what each wire does. Can you help me with wiring diagram on seeing the connector used? Also if suppose, i know the wiring diagram that is which in my power wire and which belongs to speaker, is it possible if I connect those speaker wires derectly with my mobile's aux with just an amplifier in between (as u said), will this connection work?

Images of my head unit