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Awesome Rings - must reproduce Answered

http://www.philippetournaire.com/collections/villa-de-reve/984-villa-chinoise.htmlNeat Rings

I'd love to see if anyone could recreate these rings in something a lot cheaper...or give a good method on how to do it....or if someone could make me just the asian pagoda one i'll buy it for a reasonable price



I couldn't make a pagoda, so I made a mosque. ;-)


A dremel and a steady hand?


7 years ago

OK- Just pick a hard one next time!. This is a possible answer. First get some fimo and learn to make the ring. Fire them and see if they are doing what you want them to. Then get some metal clay in silver and gold and recreate the process. FIre them with a butane torch and burnish them, Honestly- you may get close. the gems may be set in before firing according to heat specifications on the gem you choose to use. look it all up. It's doable- but it will take some work. Good luck! S

im sorry but that takes a master crafters hands that been doing it for years. it looks to be extrememly diffucult to make just one including the setting of the gems but if you cant some how get the design plans for it i can try to duplicate it but it wont be perfect